A white sheet in which lines, shapes and colours come along. Tumultuous elements got separated and positioned in a tidy, ordered set. Essence as a result of integrity or absence itself.

Alessia_Xoccato’s proposal is a fresh, effortless and contemporary total look, made to dress everyday life up with an essential ready-to-wear, designed with artistic flair.
Substantial and light fabrics, dense textures and transparencies play and come together in graphic cuts, outlining new silhouettes, without any temporary nor stylistic limitations.

There are no stereotypes or precepts – taste and creativity blend harmoniously grace and practicality.
A working path highlighted by several and major landmarks, including the final of “Who Is On Next?” competition promoted by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma, an official presentation at the prestigious Zaha Hadid Studio in London and, lately, the Triennale exhibition “Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana” as one of the new interpreters of Made in Italy.
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